Gluten-Friendly Dinner

Before you order, please tell your server if you are allergic to gluten. Keep in mind that our dishes are prepared in kitchens that handle many other wheat products and, as a result, may come in contact with it. Therefore, we are unable to guarantee that any menu item is 100% free of gluten.

Gluten-Friendly Cured Meats & Cheeses

one for 5.25, three for 15, five for 24

Cured Meats

Prosciutto di Parma: Italian cured ham GF
Speck: smoked prosciutto GF
Toscano: beef & pork salami, black pepper GF
Finocchiona: pork salami with fennel seed GF
Soppresatta: spicy pork salami GF
Lomo: house cured pork loin GF
Cacciatorini: Italian “hunter’s” salami GF
Bresaola: house cured beef eye of round GF

in descending order from mild to pungent

Brillat Savrin: France; cow’s milk; soft GF
Montalban: Spain; tres leches; semi-firm GF
Robiola Fresca: Italy; sheep’s milk; soft GF
Caña de Cabra: Spain; goat’s milk; soft GF
Fontina Val D’Aosta: IT; cow; semi-firm GF
Midnight Moon: CA; goat’s milk;semi-firm GF
Mobay: WI; sheep and goat’s milk; firm GF

Marcona almonds GF 6
Mixed Olives GF 6

Gluten-Friendly Taste & Share & Appetizers

Rabbit Terrine, pancetta, pickled carrot, mustard seeds 11 GF
Littleneck Clams, Farro, tomato saffron broth, fennel 12 MGF
Boquerones, olive oil, garlic, parsley GF 7
Georgia baby lettuces, radish, cipollini, tarragon—grain mustard vinaigrette GF 10
Octopus al la plancha, citron yogurt, charred onion, chorizo, Yukon potatoes GF 16
Fairytale eggplant, pepperonata, pine nuts, basil, fennel pollen GF 9

Gluten-Friendly Mains

Red Fish, English pea puree, pickled ramps, tarragon, radish MGF 36
Whole oven roasted Bronzini, prepared with seasonal accoutrement MGF 32
Lamb Scottaditto, espelette chickpeas, charred peppers, lemon emulsion MGF 35
Market steak, daily preparation MGF MP

Gluten-Friendly Sides

Baby turnips, roof-top sage, brown butter, lemon gastrique GF 9
Grilled broccoli rabe, colatura, preserved lemon, calabrese peppers GF 10
Citrus glazed baby carrots, tarragon, toasted hazelnut GF 9

Celebrating and want to bring your own dessert? No problem! We charge a flat, $20 service fee that includes cake cutting and serving to your guests.

Take a look at our wine list, too!